The Importance of Ratings and Reviews for App Success

The Importance of Ratings and Reviews for App Success

There are thousands of apps to be found on the App Store or Google Play, so how do we know the difference between the apps that are worth our time and the ones that aren’t? Rating and reviews – they play a fundamental part in increasing the probability of success for your app.

Are ratings and reviews really that important?

Yes, ratings and reviews are crucial if you want to increase your app’s chances to be discovered. Did you know about 70% of users will read at least one review before downloading a free app? And that 90% of users consider ratings a crucial part of their evaluation of a new app?

Think about it: you are much more likely to download an app that has hundreds of positive ratings and reviews than an app that has none because that shows you that hundreds of people have tried, tested, and approved the app before you.

Here’s another fun fact: going from two stars to three will increase your app’s chances of being downloaded by up to 306%. Going from three to four stars will increase this conversion by 89%.

Reviews will also give insight to the possible user about what your app will perform like – from features, functionality, and what the app will look like.

The best way to obtain ratings and reviews is to ask your users to rate it and leave their reviews, especially after they have achieved what they were looking for in your app. For example, if you have a food delivery app then you should ask your customers to rate and review after they seamlessly complete their order. This way, they are likely to leave a positive review, as they will be satisfied with your app’s performance.

What are the benefits of ratings and reviews?

When you increase the number of positive ratings and reviews you receive, you will be able to see some welcome changes, such as:

  • A higher number of installations;
  • Increased user retention;
  • More visibility;
  • Increased revenue;
  • Higher conversion rates.

Ratings and reviews will also help your developers know what is and isn’t working on the app, as users will leave comments about features and functionality. As such, it’s crucial to keep an eye on reviews, as they will provide valuable information that will help you improve your app.

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