Visibility in Japan

The Challenge

Headquartered in San Francisco alongside some of the biggest tech firms in the world, Uber is one of the most popular rideshare apps with an estimated 110 million worldwide users. Uber led the charge at radically disrupting the transportation industry. Despite their unmatched success, an app targeting all the regions of the world needs a good localization and organic install strategy. 

Uber approached the Teletab team with two main challenges:


  1. Optimize localization in all regions on a world level
  2. Increase organic visibility and organic installs

Solutions that Create Growth

Using channels like Apple Search Ads and ASO allow us to reach BOF (Bottom of Funnel). BOF users tend to convert better and bring higher ROI because they have high intent, meaning they have searched for keywords related to the product.

Our Solution

Localization is an intrinsic aspect of ASO, particularly when an app intends to grow its user base in new markets. Since Uber wasn’t conducting localization optimizations, our ASO team stepped up to help identify market opportunities for both iOS and android and grow the app’s organic traffic.

Teletab focused on:

  1. Optimizing the localization in all the regions of the world – Our ASO team developed cross-market strategies and keyword ranking position analysis for all the languages available in the market to help the app reach higher visibility in all regions.

2. Boosting traffic and visibility organically – In-depth keyword optimization, competitor research, and country-specific ranking analysis were conducted to increase installs and visibility only in general and competitor keywords and not on branded keywords.

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How can we help?

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