Increasing the Keywords for each localization in ASO

Increasing the Keywords for each localization in ASO

Why is localization an important part of App Store Optimization?

The localization is an intrinsic aspect of ASO, particularly if you intend to grow your user base in new markets. When done well, localization increases the success of App Store Optimization and how users in a certain market receive your app.

How can localization increase the number of keywords in the App Store Optimization?

One of the most important resources in the App Store to increase your app’s downloads and discoverability is the keyword field. The real challenge here is to select the right keywords since this asset is very limited and only allows 100 characters (8-12 keywords).

This is where localization is important. It is a great trick to increase your number of available keywords since Apple allows you to submit keywords in various languages per country in addition to English. You can use it whether you are planning on offering localization for your App Store description or your app.

How does it work?

For instance, in the United States, you can rank for Spanish (Mexico) and English (US). Even if your app isn’t localized for the Spanish-speaking market, you can still use the available space to store extra keywords in English.

By localizing your app in different languages, you are ranking higher for popular search queries, getting ahead of competitors in local markets, and most importantly, reaching more people.

Here is the complete list of languages per App Store Region:


United Kingdom: English (U.K.)

Austria: German, English (U.K.)

Belgium: English (U.K.), French, Dutch

Czech Republic: Czech, English (UK)

Denmark: English (U.K.), Danish

Croatia: Croatian, English (UK)

Cyprus: English (U.K.), Greek, Turkish

Finland: English (U.K.), Finnish

France: French, English (U.K.)

Germany: German, English (U.K.)

Greece: Greek, English (U.K.)

Italy: Italian, English (U.K.)

Poland: Polish, English (UK)

Portugal: Portuguese (Portugal), English (U.K.)

Netherlands: Dutch, English (U.K.)

Norway: Norwegian, English (U.K.)

Spain: Spanish (Spain), English (U.K.), Catalan

Ukraine: Russian, English (U.K.), Ukrainian

Hungary: Hungarian, English (UK)

Luxembourg: French, German, English (U.K.)

Sweden: Swedish, English (U.K.)

Switzerland: German, French, Italian, English (U.K.)

Romania: Romanian, English (UK)

Russia: Russian, English (U.K.), Ukrainian

Slovakia: Slovak, English (UK)

North America

United States: English (U.S.), Spanish (Mexico)

Belize: Spanish (Mexico), English (U.K.)

Mexico: Spanish (Mexico), English (U.K.)

Panama: Spanish (Mexico), English (U.K.)

Costa Rica: Spanish (Mexico), English (U.K.)

El Salvador: Spanish (Mexico), English (U.K.)

Nicaragua: Spanish (Mexico), English (U.K.)

Dominican Republic: Spanish (Mexico), English (U.K.)


South America

Brazil: Portuguese (Brazil), English (U.K.)

Suriname: Dutch, English (U.K.)

Argentina: Spanish (Mexico), English (U.K.)

Bolivia: Spanish (Mexico), English (U.K.)

Chile: Spanish (Mexico), English (U.K.)

Colombia: Spanish (Mexico), English (U.K.)

Venezuela: Spanish (Mexico), English (U.K.)

Peru: Spanish (Mexico), English (U.K.)

Ecuador: Spanish (Mexico), English (U.K.)

Uruguay: Spanish (Mexico), English (U.K.)

Paraguay: Spanish (Mexico), English (U.K.)


Algeria: Arabic, French, English (U.K.)

Egypt: Arabic, French, English (U.K.)

Mauritania: Arabic, English (U.K.)

Tunisia: Arabic, French, English (U.K.)


Canada: English (Canada), French (Canada)

Australia: English (Australia), English (U.K.)

New Zealand: English (Australia), English (U.K.)



Turkey: Turkish, French, English (U.K.)

China: Chinese (Simplified), English (U.K.)

Hong Kong: Chinese (Traditional), English (U.K.)

India: Hindi, English (UK)

Indonesia: Indonesian, English (U.K.)

Israel: Hebrew, English (U.K.)

Japan: Japanese, English (United States)

Korea: Korean, English (U.K.)

Kuwait: Arabic, English (U.K.)

United Arab Emirates: Arabic, English (U.K.)

Vietnam: Vietnamese, English (U.K.)

Yemen: Arabic, English (U.K.)

Bahrain: Arabic, English (U.K.)

Lebanon: Arabic, French, English (U.K.)

Macao: Chinese (Traditional), English (U.K.)

Malaysia: Malay, English (U.K.)

Oman: Arabic, English (U.K.)

Qatar: Arabic, English (U.K.)

Russia: Russian, English (U.K.), Ukrainian

Saudi Arabia: Arabic, English (U.K.)

Singapore: Chinese (Simplified), English (U.K.)

Taiwan: Chinese (Traditional), English (U.K.)

Thailand: Thai, English (U.K.)

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