Deliver ROI positive User Acquisition with Google App campaigns

Google Ads campaigns are an essential and proven acquisition channel that allows us to optimize towards revenue KPIs further down the purchase funnel, allowing several strategies in order to drive affordable acquisition & grow your ROI.

App Store Optimization

Where we can help:

Delivering a strategic Google App campaign launch with a strong focus on ROI positive acquisition below your LTV targets.

Our team of Google App campaign specialists and our creative App Marketing team will design and A/B creatives to optimize the conversion rate.

The Data Science team will provide dashboards in order to track the performance and monitor the campaigns.

How It Works

With more than 7 years of experience in App Marketing, our team of specialists will create and manage the Google App campaigns with a strong focus on scaling within efficiency and growing your ROI.

The team will work on creative assets, brainstorming for each target audience, and designing different assets that will be A/B tests in order to achieve the best possible CR (Conversion Rate), CPI (Cost Per Install) & CPR (Cost Per Registration).

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