AI App Marketing – What is ASA?

AI App Marketing – What is ASA?

What is ASA (Apple search ads)?

Apple Search Ads (ASA) was introduced in 2016, enabling developers everywhere to reach potential users on the App Store. Although it doesn’t have the biggest global market share (27% as of 2022), App Store users tend to spend more money on apps and in-app purchases.

Even then, 70% of Apple users still use the Search function on the App Store to find apps, and 65% of downloads come from App Store searches. Apple Search Ads (ASA) is still a valuable marketing tool for app marketers everywhere, and a good comprehension on how it works is essential to making your app visible.

Depending on your needs and level of expertise, two versions of Apple Ads are available: Apple Search Ads Basic and Apple Search Ads Advanced:


Minimal management No keywords refinement
Simple to set up No audience refinement
Pay only for installs at a cost you choose Budget limit
Intelligent automation A limited number of apps that can be promoted
$100 credit for new accounts Limited access to Attribution API



Keywords refinement No new account credit
Advanced Targeting More complex
No budget limit More time consuming
No number of apps limit
Full access to Attribution API

If you’re just starting out on your App Marketing journey, then we recommend the Basic version of ASA. Set up is incredibly simple, and you’ll get $100 credit for a new account, so you can start launching campaigns without spending your money. Also, you’ll only pay for installs at a cost of your choosing.

On the other hand, many optimization options that are crucial to get real results, like keyword and audience refinement, are only available to the Advanced version.

To maximize your app’s reach, you’ll need to use these options and analyze your chosen metrics to get a better insight into your campaigns performance. Send us a message on whatsapp if you want to get access to our ASA framework and best tips and strategies to get results on apple search ads.

In Conclusion

While Apple Search Ads may not have the biggest market share, it has one of the highest quality users in terms of revenue with a higher spending rate than other platforms.

If you’d like to learn how to launch a campaign on Apple Search Ads, click [here]. If you’re looking for tips on how to choose the best keywords for your campaign, click [here].

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